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We all wear scrubs and love their comfort.  However, there is one problem with scrubs....they don't come in lengths.  Not all of us at 6 feet tall.

Scrubs that drag on the ground create trip and fall hazards, risks of cross-

​contamination, look unprofessional; and, certainly lead to the fraying of the bottoms of the pant legs.

Your pants can sag, but they should never drag. (tm).  Call us now at 952-920-0840 or email us at

Son, don't contaminate my room!!

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Scrubbies (tm/patented) are elastic and Velcro strips which quickly and easily fasten around your ankles to keep your scrubs from dragging.


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Scrubbies are perfect for medical clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, dialysis centers, vet offices, dental offices, etc.

Clinic News, LLC.  Don't let your pants drag!

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